Nov 02

The Magic of SWAGGER

I am re-posting this, because I was totally blown away by the content I heard from one of the speakers at Mastermind 8 event at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Houston Texas. The person speaking was Jordan Adler(Best selling author of the book called Beach Money).

He spoke on “when does the SWAGGER strike?” it got me thinking because as you all know SWAGGER is posture. And POSTURE, my friends is everything.

When you have posture, people are attracted to you, you emit magnetic waves unseen to the human eyes, and when people step into your sphere, they become magnetized.

What made Barack Obama win the 2008 USA Presidential Elections? POSTURE!!!!!!! Or you could call it SWAGGER

Here was an African-American, Son of a Kenyan and US citizen, 1st term Senator, 99th in the Senate.

All he had was an audacity of Hope and Posture, self-confidence, belief and today a Black man occupies the White House.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you may not agree with all of Obama’s policies, but one thing we can all agree on is that he sure does have posture(plenty of it)

Posture comes as a result of your belief.

Posture has also been said to be an expression of the leadership qualities you are going to have.

Every successful person no matter what field of endeavour employs the magic of Posture.

Think of Athletics, One very good example that comes to mind is USAIN BOLT- I love his posture.

His famous lightning trademark.

My friends, Posture is everything.

People who have posture practice Attraction Marketing and they become the Hunted instead of the Hunter.

NOTE: Don’t misconstrue posture for rudeness.