Apr 22

The Enemy Of Focus

Welcome back from the Easter Holidays. I guess you had a wonderful time.

I would like to share an article that was published on http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Enemy-Of-Focus&id=8453290

Below is the Article as published on  http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Enemy-Of-Focus&id=8453290

If you could plant your goal in the garden of your mind and focus on it, It is the most astounding decision you would ever make. When you write down your goals, make sure it is the First thing you look at, when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you do before you sleep at Night. Furthermore to keep your focus, You could read Inspiration Books, PDFs Reports and Listen to inspirational materials(Eg CDs, DVD’s, Audio books etc.

All this little things serve as small things to push you/keep in focus towards your goals. It has been said that “Success is the Progressive Realization of a worthy ideal. “Remember that Rome was not Built in a day”. Success is not immediate, rather is Failure immediate.

Generally Small things look inconsequential, but I have come to find out down through the years that “It is not the big things that we do that matters, but it is the little things that we leave undone”

It has been said that “What you focus on grows”. There is a power hidden in being Focused, I would call it a dynamic power. Bill Gates said many years ago that his Vision is that there would be a Computer on every table. At the time He said this, It seemed impossible because IBM ruled the World, but through Sheer belief, Determination and Focus. Today Microsoft is a household name all over the World and Computers are in every nook and cranny.

If you find yourself doing something that is not yet fully mainstream, Just hang it there, because as time goes on, “Platform Maturity” will catch up with It. Just Stay Focused. Let me give you a quick example to illustrate my point. Myself and a few close friends of mine developed a Software for the Legal Profession a few Years Ago, at that time, the market was not ripe, it was tough convincing Clients to migrate from Manual System to Electronic System.

We remained focused, never giving up, fast forward to the present time, the market is buzzing with various software providers/competitors and the Legal Industry has woken up to the reality that Technology has come to stay and that they have to join this fast-moving Juggernaut or they would be stuck in the past. Oh what a difference a few years makes. Being Focused pays in the long run.


Apr 19

No Greater Love……..


“Greater Love hath no man than this, that a Man Lay down his Life for his Friends”- Jesus Christ

Friends, It is Easter Again. It is Resurrection Season. A time to reflect on what took place over 2,000 years ago and the impact that it still has and will keep on having as long as this World exists.

How has the first almost 4 months be for you? are you achieving your goals, if you are not, don’t worry, Easter speaks of a Resurrection, a reawakening of whatever might have been dead or comatose.

A reviving of whatever you desire. Is it your Business, Relationships, Goals etc.

In the World today, we hear talk of LOVE, but the term Greater Love is a little bit deeper.

I believe this verse from the Bible explains Greater Love in detail. John 3:16 “For God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting Life”.

Now that is deep. Greater Love is giving of what you Love the most, not half-hearted , but fully, without reservation. The effect is EPIC.

Is it possible to demonstrate Greater Love?

As Human beings, we are selfish, the tendency is to give of what we love the least and hold back what we love the most.

How do we serve others, do we serve willingly,fully or with selfish motives? or do we keep giving and reaching out?

NOTE: Your Success in Life is measured by the Quality of Service You Render.

As you go into the Weekend, begin to reflect on your Life, what has been, what could be. If you find Lapses, change course, redirect focus, purpose within yourself to be the change and becoming a positive influence in people’s lives.

What if you had the Power of “ULTIMATE INFLUENCE”? I guess you are wondering, what is Ultimate Influence?

ULTIMATE INFLUENCE is getting someone to take an action that he/she or they would rather not take,but because of your Persuasive Influence, they take the Action.

I would go deeper into that Later.

Have a Wonderful Easter and Happy Holidays.

Apr 16

The Language Of Money

People have weird relationships with money. The value we give to currency and wealth goes beyond its mere value to buy and sell goods.

Money has meaning. It can make people feel good or bad, envious or inferior, lucky or distraught. People can get emotional about money—and bad decisions are often the result.

The concept of money is so powerful, so fraught with complications and deeper meaning that it can be said to have its own language, a secret language.

People call Money by different names in different Countries…..In some Countries Money is called Pepper, Kishi, Kudi, Doe, Quid, G’s, bucks, cash, stacks, fat pockets, chips, dough, the stash, fat pockets, cheese, figures, cheddar, Wad almighty dollar, banknote, bankroll, bill, bread, bucks, capital, cash, check, chips, coin, coinage, dough, finances, fund, funds, gold, gravy, greenback, hard cash, legal tender, loot, medium of exchange, pay, payment, pesos, property, resources, riches, roll, salary, silver, specie, treasure, wad, wage, wealth, wherewithal.

In My Country, You hear phrases like “Pepper Rested” or “Pepper don Land”

Money is not everything, but with money You have options..

Money Speaks and the Language is Universal…

Apr 11

The Power Of Small Things.

Another Week has rolled by so fast, 2014 is truly on Speed. Didn’t 2nd Quarter just Start? and It is already the 11th April 2014.

Oh my, It got me scared….. I have not done enough. What is your weekend going to be like? Mine is packed with activities eg Wedding, Conference etc…

A thought struck me yesterday which I would like to share with you “The Power of Small Things”

Different phrases came coming back to me concerning Small Things


1) It is not the Big Things that we do that matters, but It is the LITTLE things that we leave undone

2 ) Dynamites come in small packages, but their impact is far reaching

3) Little Hinges Swing the Big Doors

4)A great and mighty Ship is controlled by a small Steering Wheel

5)The Tongue, yet so small, but the damage it can cause

6) Who hath despised the Day of Small things?

7) A little Leaven Leaveneth the whole Lump.

8) Every great tree was once a little Seed.

9) Success or Failure starts out as a little seed that you plant in the Garden of your Mind

I could go on and on, but just a few phrases to show you the power and the impact of SMALL THINGS….

Small things sometimes look inconsequential, odd, but they are the fulcrum of Success or Failure

Never underestimate the impact of Small Things..

Small things make the Big Difference.

Have a wonderful and Fruitful and Restful Weekend.

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Apr 08

The Lifetime of An Opportunity

It is raining Cats and Dogs this morning, oh I got a little wet, just getting out of my Car and into my Office. Oh the rains are here again, Wet days, Wet Nights.. Just Yesterday I heard that NIJA now has the largest Economy in Africa even Surpassing South Africa. The Buzz word going around is REBASED. (The economy has been rebased) Well I think my Car needs to rebased, LOL.

I guess you are wondering at the Title of this Post, hmm “the lifetime of an Opportunity”. What happened to the Opportunity of a Lifetime? Yeah I thought the same way until recently, I was at an event, where A mentor of mine spoke on the above topic. I would like to share with you some of the highlights.

Every Opportunity has a time limit set to it. To everything under Heaven there is a Purpose. Many Human Beings do not know the Purpose Why they do things..
I make bold to say, that Human Beings have become like Robots or Zombies, “they are just going through the motions”

There comes a time when you must take advantage of your Purpose and Purposes are hidden behind Opportunities.
When you take advantage of the Opportunities, then you would meet the Purpose.
Your Trajectory of Life better aligned with the Purpose that God has for your life.

Remember It is not how long, but was the Purpose Fulfilled.

As Human Beings, find your purpose for being, when you find your Purpose, then you can begin to allot time to Fulfill that Purpose.

Never Under Estimate the impact a Single Person can make in another’s person’s life.

When You find your Purpose it impacts other people’s lives.

“The Opportunity of a Lifetime must be seized within the Lifetime of the Opportunity”- Tudor Bismark

Recently I learnt a hard lesson, There was an idea I was discussing with a few friends of mine and we never really implemented. All of a sudden, a few days back, I saw another group who have packaged the same idea and are holding an event around it in a few days time. The lesson I learnt is that when an idea strikes you, Speed of Implementation is what matters.

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Have an Incredible day and a Fruitful week

Apr 01


Here Am I sitting in my Office @ 9am reflecting on the events of the previous day and the 1st Quarter events that transpired. My Birthday closed out the 1st Quarter for me.

Today April 1st 2014 marks the beginning of a New Quarter. Another Explosive Quarter full of greater results. It is a time of discovering unchartered waters in my Business, forging new Partnerships, Closing deals and becoming a better person in my Personal Life.

How will your 2nd Quarter be like? I would love to hear from you.

Remain Successful.

Mar 28


Fifty years ago, an upstart American boxer who later became known as Muhammad Ali “shook up the world” when he dethroned Sonny Liston to claim the heavyweight championship of the world in Miami Beach.

This was the fight that changed history – this feat of Clay 50 years ago shook up the world and made the planet take notice of man who would become ‘The Greatest’

This was the fight that created the ICON called Muhammad Ali,”

The bout launched Ali to international fame, giving him the stage to successfully protest everything from racial segregation to the Vietnam War, while declaring himself to be “The Greatest.”

He famously coined the phrase “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

On that Memorable day February 25th 1964 in Miami, a jubilant Clay declared: “I’m the greatest thing that ever lived… “I SHOOK UP THE WORLD”

Without that fight Cassius Clay may have never become Muhammad Ali and the legend may have never evolved.

I shook up the World is a Statement of Fact.

Whatever you say you are is what the World would accept you as.

Ali said he was the Greatest and he backed up his talk with his walk or action and today he is referred to as “THE GREATEST”

Before you can shake up the world, you have to become a master of preparation.

A Boxer could train a whole year for just 90 minutes of Fight time.

Abraham Lincoln famously said “If I want to cut down a tree, I would spend 80% of the time sharpening my Axe”

Each and every one of us have that Unique Something that can be used to change this World.

What is it you have?

Mar 24


It’s a new week, full of fresh Hopes and Aspirations, Goals for the week. How was Last week for you? Mine was EPIC, was away from LAS GIDI for a few days, because I had to attend NOG 2014 in Abuja.

It was quite exciting. As the week was winding down, I recieved the shocking news of the “Passing Away” of a little friend of mine. We call him MP3. A wonderful charming young boy, who succumbed to a brief Illness. I am still in shock as to what happened.

It made me wonder, what is LIFE? Here today, Gone tomorrow, It is as a flower which fadeth away. The only thing worthwhile is to give your best and cherish those you have and Live Life to the Fullest.

My thoughts have been jumbled up on what to write this morning, so many ideas floating in this little brain of mine, but a thought struck me a few days ago, I was thinking of my mastermind group, all of a sudden it hit me “A Mecca of Entrepreneurs”.

As you all Know, MECCA in reality is where all the Muslim Faithfuls from all over the World gather once or twice year for Pilgrimage.

I am told they call it HAJJ. It is the largest gathering of Muslim Faithfuls at any given place. While there, they partake in Acts that would enhance them spiritually and “what not”. They leave there more determined to live good and peaceful lives.

Just Imagine, If we could get a Gathering of Entrepreneurs on a regular basis, a Mastermind Group, Think-Tank Committee. The Synergy, Energy, Mutual Benefits that would be gotten cannot be quantified in Dollars and Cents. Each one bringing his quota to the table, Each and every person bringing their “A” Game all the time. The resultant effect is EPIC.

I belong to such a group and each time we meet, it is “FIREWORKS“. We usually have a Clash of Ideas, not anything personal, but for the common good of all and we are striving for the Best. We usually have our Differences… Who Doesn’t?. I prefer to look at it as an “EL-CLASSICO OF MINDS.……. but we forge ahead with a Common Goal.

Won’t you like to belong to a Mecca of Entrepreneurs? then visit the iVEN TEAM or any group out there that would be of benefit to you.

I heard that they are hosting an All-Exclusive Event at the SHERATON HOTEL AND TOWERS on the 17th May 2014..

Let’s call it a day, My Thoughts are drying up for now, but have a Fruitful day and Explosive Week and Let us finish this Last Week of the 1st Quarter on an Unprecedented Scale. GRACIAS….

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Mar 10


Oh Las Gidi, Las Gidi…….

A  Tale of Two Cities

While many Live in Abject Poverty

A few live in Opulence and Stupendous Wealth

A City of Mixed Proportions

Ever Busy, Hustle and Bustle

Hustling is the name of the game in Las Gidi

Have you ever heard of the Las Gidi Bug

Once It bites you, you can’t recover

People chasing money from Dawn to Dusk

For those who live in Las Gidi, even though they complain of the hardships that exist , they never want to live the city

It is a case of Suffering and Smiling

For those outside of Las Gidi, they see it as a city of opportunities.

Everyone wants to “HIT” the very next minute

Oh Las Gidi, Las Gidi

I could go on and on

So much to say about thee

The Coastal City of 20 Million plus people

The Financial Nerve Center of 9JA

Where would 9JA be without LAS GIDI?

I wonder.

Mar 05


Did  you know that when you take control of your thoughts, then you are really thinking.

Life starts and ends with your thinking.

Your thinking determines who you really are and who you are to become.

When you think it gives you clarity.

Take charge of your life and it starts with your thinking.

In the morning, before you start your day, think your whole day through

John C Maxwell(NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR) said in his book how successful people think

Good thinkers are always in demand, a person who knows how may always get a job, but a
person who knows why will always be his boss”

Good thinkers solve problems.

They never lack ideas that can build an organization and they always have hope for a better future.

Good thinkers are successful.

Furthermore he said “ The right thought plus the right people in the right environment at the right time for the right reason=right result.”

Ever wondered at the phrase “THINK AND GROW RICH

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