Aug 22


imageWOW, WOW….WOW… what a week it has been, it started just like every other week, full of hopes, aspirations, goals and it is ending on a HIGH…. CAN YOU IMAGINE, ONE OF MY PROJECTS THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON FINALLY CAME THROUGH…what a relief I felt and it was quite emotional for me…. IT PAYS TO STAND BY YOUR CONVICTIONS…

This is just a glimpse for what is still possible for me this year and beyond.. I am preparing myself for Stratospheric Success..

The Weekend looms and part of my partners will be attending and exhibiting at the NIGERIAN BAR CONFERENCE 2014 holding in Owerri (Imo State).. Preparations has kicked into high gear and everyone is up for it… the competition is in for a SHOCK and AWE… LEGALPEDIA IS BACK IN TOWN…. AND LIKE I ALWAYS SAY ” WE INNOVATE, NEVER IMITATE….

Finally, I have written and about to Launch my second book called “THE LAS-GIDI ENTREPRENEUR”

The LAS-GIDI ENTREPRENEUR was written for the those who would dare to take a risk in life…to fall in love, write a book, start a business, whatever it is, go out there and do it. Take it’s pain, embrace it and use it to drive you to greatness. It’s more than just my story, it’s a common story and vision we all share.

I heard the book is already on AMAZON… HMM….WINK…LOL


Wishing all a wonderful weekend and remember to STAY HEALTHY, LOVE OPENLY AND LIVE A FULFILLING AND PROSPEROUS LIFE……..

Aug 12


imageEver seen a FLIRT? what do you think of them?

FLIRT according to Webster Dictionary is as follows

1) to behave in a way that shows a sexual attraction for someone but is not meant to be taken seriously

2) to think about something or become involved in something in a way that is usually not very serious

3) to come close to reaching or experiencing something

Are you Flirty in your nature, do you find yourself jumping from task to task without really completing it? A Flirt will never find purpose for what he or she is doing…They keep hopping from Place to Place..

In Business, People are Flirts, they fall into the trap of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.. They do not think things through, they are generally haphazard in their ways, they tend to follow every ill-wind of Doctrine..They never make a commitment to succeed.. Being Half Hearted is their way of Life… They do not go all the way.

They are generally not focused..

My advice this morning to you is stop being Flirty, make a commitment to succeed in Life. Stand by your conviction, decisions..

NOTE: Don’t be too rigid in your ways, or be too flexible like a rubber band, what you should do is stay in the Middle of the Road and not just stand in the middle of the road, but Stand to the END OF THE ROAD.

Have a wonderful day..

Jul 23

Mo Money, Mo Problems?

imageIt has been crazy being off the Blogosphere…after a brief hiatus…can you imagine, what the challenge was, it had to do with my Hosting Company and one of the plugins corrupted the website and Furthermore my Word press site needed to be updated… So much for the hulla ballo….let dig in.

This is July, the peak of the rainy season…can’t wait for August Break….In recent times, I have been studying the power of Creative Thinking and it has been a major eye-opener for me….. Did you know that inside you, there is a Creative Idea waiting to be released.

Furthermore Creative Thinkers challenge Conventional Thinking…. Maybe in the not so distant future,I would write a Book on Creative Thinking…Might be a New York Times Bestseller… Wink Wink….

There exists this phrase which says ” More Money, More Problems” but is it actually true? Ideally a Communist mantra. Exists in hip-hop and popular R & B songs as well. More money would lead to more problems for the one that possesses the money. Hence making money the problem.

“Mo Money Mo Problems” was even done as a single by Notorious B.I.G., the second single from his album Life After Death. Released posthumously, the single topped the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in 1997, replacing “I’ll Be Missing You” from the chart, Puff Daddy’s song about Notorious B.I.G’s death.

In sum, next year will bring “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems,” in the famous words of the late Notorious B.I.G. The population of millionaires in the U.S. will grow and perhaps even set a new record. Globally, millionaires and billionaires will rise in numbers and fortunes—largely driven by emerging markets and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

Yet soaring prosperity for the rich will be set against a backdrop of growing inequality and negative attention on the wealth gap.

My opinion is that, It comes down to the choices we make. You may have chosen a lifestyle you’re happy with that brings you financial success, however if you’re unhappy in your career path and seeking a different lifestyle (more time with the family, less stress), financial success won’t offer the type of fulfilment you’re after.

We need to own the choices we make and be prepared to accept the sacrifices that ensue. We tend to grow up with an expectation that we can have it all, however it comes down to priorities; sometimes what we achieve is not what we expected.

Be appreciative. There are a lot of things that money can buy that many of us take for granted: access to health care, warmth, food, shelter, transportation… “First World” things that we tend to expect will always be there since they’ve become fixtures in our lifestyle.

Yes, money can buy comfort and security, but the power of wealth is relative; as your income grows, so do your spending opportunities. We want to keep pursuing bigger and “better” things. But if our desires outpace what we can afford, money can destroy happiness, regardless of our income level.

With this in mind, I think it’s important to take moments to reflect on things we can be grateful for, a glass half-full approach to life. Instead of thinking I WANT this, be grateful that you HAVE that.

What do you think? Do you feel money makes you happy? I think you’ll get different answers depending on people’s respective circumstances. For some, a lack of money causes anxiety, yet the fear of losing money can be equally worrisome. At the end of the day, I don’t think we can directly say that money is a source of happiness, but I do think it can provide us with comforts and experiences that lead to happiness.

It comes down to our attitudes and expectations. We need to be able to look at wealth objectively, to give back, be appreciative and unattached to wealth for wealth’s sake in order for money to bring us the fulfilment and happiness that we all seek in life.

As Dale Carnegie said in his timeless book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, “It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”

I better sign out, got a busy day ahead of me….remember to follow me on twitter @ okanjo

Jul 10


We are Living in very interesting and dynamic times, Africa truly has come of age and this period exposes us to unprecedented opportunities and Keen competition…the challenges that faced us as a continent are becoming opportunities…

Investors are flocking to Africa in droves…I call it the “African Gold Rush” and the Epicenter of this Phenomenon is Nigeria…. Why Nigeria?

Down through the Years, Nigeria has been referred to as the “Giant of Africa” because of it’s Population, Business potential, Vast Economy and Strategic Position in the Global Market……From the Days of the Groundnut Pyramids to the Oil Boom and then to the Infrastructural Growth…Nigeria has always been poised for massive domination… It is popularly known that the Map of Africa is in the shape of a gun and guess where the Trigger is situated?

With the Recent Rebasing of the Nigerian Economy, It has clearly overtaken South Africa as the biggest economy in Africa…….Now the Eyes of the World are fixed on Nigeria…….This Under-Achieving Giant can finally assume the role of the “Primus Inter Pares” in the comity of Nations globally..

Far too long, it has been a story of gloom and hopelessness for Nigeria, from Insecurity, Fraud, Corruption has been a “topsy turvy”journey….. but the Rules of Engagement are about to change….

Sometime around 2005, a group of Young Nigerian Students decided that they would not fall victim to this swan song of hopelessness and despair, they decided to take their future into their hands, it was not a revolution with blood and tears, but it was a revolution of the mind and Technology was the Silver Bullet……

They launched with an Innovative Blogsite in early 2006 called which totally caused a ripple in the Country, from there they were the official bloggers of the United States Consulate for the Computer, Telecommunications and Office Equipment Event (CTO) in 2006 and 2007.

They went to greater heights by Partnering with one of the leading banks in Nigeria to develop, Market an innovative legal software to the legal profession…. This was clearly a Home run…. The Domino effect was so astounding that the competition were shook out of their comfort zone and in blind retaliation, they trumped up spurious charges and A Court Case Ensued….

This Adversity only propelled them to greater heights to look inwards and defy the odds..They pushed on and in 2011 recorded a revenue of $1million dollars….Now they are a case study on the Never Say die Attitude of the Nigerian Youth….They are role models for Youths to follow…

In the Words of one of the co-founders Jonathan Okanlawon ” This journey was definitely an unprecedented feat and in spite of all we have achieved so far, the Best is yet to come”

They currently have their Headquarters in the Heart of Lagos and have branch offices in Abuja and Port Harcourt….

Nigeria can now step in as the Giant of Africa…Africa bows at the awesomeness of Nigeria…A new sense of hope, ambition, purpose has descended upon the Continent and the Giant is at the Forefront of this March to Growth and Development…..

My New Book “The LASGIDI ENTREPRENEUR” would be coming out soon….if you missed the launch of my First Book “The Seven Magic Bullets of Entrepreneurs” ….You better not miss this one….”
If you still want access to my book ” The Seven Magic Bullets of Entrepreneurs” Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD…..

Jul 04


Do you belong to a Mastermind Group? If not, find one quickly, It sure pays to belong to a Mastermind Group… In a Mastermind Group, the focus is ” I complete you, not compete against each other and by so doing, we become better…Isn’t that Brilliant…..

I heard this statement during the week from Brendon Burchard “If you are efficient at doing things that are not effective, you are just wasting time”. Now that is a BIG REVEAL….

I saw the article below from Guy Kawasaki during the week and I would like to share it with you…..

In order to stay positive, entrepreneurs need to lie to themselves a lot. Unfortunately, this can get them into trouble when they have improbable expectations and surprising outcomes as a result.

Below are the 7 biggest lies and the truth about what to do instead:

1) Sales Will be Better Next Month

Many entrepreneurs believe that sales will always increase in the future. They reason that with more revenue, there will be more profit.

The truth: They don’t change their sales and marketing efforts to give their company a better chance at actually increasing sales. To boost revenue, companies need to be there when customers want to buy. Only a systematic sales and marketing effort will accomplish this.

2) The Next Big Customer (or Product or Employee) Will Change Your Company Forever

The belief is that the next big break will take their company to the next level.

The truth: Progress in companies typically builds slowly and success doesn’t usually have a tipping point. Think about the essential building blocks that will grow the company step by step.

3) Big Money Means Taking Big Risks

They read the urban folklore of the few who took big risks and made billions.

The truth: Most people fail. The success in business comes from taking small steps, evaluating the results, and taking the next action.

4)Competitors Are Slow

Many entrepreneurs think that their competitors are not innovative and can’t react quickly. Tell that to Blockbuster and Borders.

The truth: There will always be a competitor developing a better mousetrap. The entrepreneur needs to know what their competitive advantage will be when that day comes.

5)Keeping the Financials in Your Head is Okay

Many entrepreneurs believe that they do not need to review their company financial statements.

The truth: Most of the time their expectations do not match what is actually going on. This is why it’s important to read and understand these statements every month.

6)Getting Paid Last in Your Business is Acceptable

They reason that they are investing in their company and this is how they justify living off of savings while running a start-up.

The truth: If an entrepreneur does not draw a livable wage from their company, they have a hobby, not a business. Always include the owner’s salary in the monthly budget.

7) Being Busy Means Being Productive

Many entrepreneurs believe if they are busy at work – then they must be adding to the value of the company.

The truth: With all the distractions and interruptions that can enter an entrepreneur’s daily life, they need to be very disciplined that they focus on projects that will make a deep impact on the company. Pick the two things that need to get done today and complete them before starting any other task.

What lies do you tell yourself?

Thank you Guy Kawasaki, I doff my Hat…….

NOTE: Have you ever tried writing a book or an e-book? It is so simple…I have found the secret to writing Books at Will…if you want to know…send me a message……

My New Book “The LASGIDI ENTREPRENEUR” would be coming out soon….if you missed the launch of my First Book “The Seven Magic Bullets of Entrepreneurs” ….You better not miss this one….”

If you still want access to my book ” The Seven Magic Bullets of Entrepreneurs” Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD…..

Wishing all my friends in the USA, Happy Independence Holidays..

Cheers to Success…..

Jun 27


The Weekend Looms again, time for rest or so it seems…. My Weekend is packed full, Activities…. Activities….. Activities…. Whew…..It is all for a good cause….

I heard that there are some Deadly Assassins on the Loose, They belong to a Killer Squad and they have a deadly purpose….. I advise you, please stay away from them, they are sent to STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY…

As Children, we had many ideas, our imagination switch was constantly on, we imagined all kind of possibilities…(When I was a child, I could do and be anything I wanted to be).. As we grew older, we are seldom encouraged to use the imaginative power, we spent our childhood cultivating.. Instead we are taught to CONFORM, to take no chances, play it safe and follow the crowd…OH HOW PATHETIC……

I am exposing the ASSASSINS today, they are called IDEA KILLERS!!!!!! THEY ARE OUT TO KILL CREATIVITY IN EVERY ONE OF US…. But the ASSASSINS can be stopped and THE SECRET IS OUT……

I would lay out a Blueprint on how to overcome this ASSASSINS….





I know you are wondering, WITHIN!!!!! HOW?

Sometimes too often, we actually kill our own ideas, before they are given a chance to prove themselves one way or the other…..

The Deadly Squad is currently undertaking Mass Recruitment worldwide and you could be recruited without even knowing it……. BEWARE!!!!!!

I just heard that Another Special Black Operations Unit has been dispatched to ENGAGE and DESTROY this DEADLY ASSASSINS.. The UNIT is called CREATIVE THINKERS……


Before I sign out for the Weekend, I would like to share a quote from ALBERT EINSTEIN who said ” IMAGINATION IS EVERYTHING, IT IS THE PREVIEW OF LIFE’S COMING ATTRACTIONS”…

Have a great Weekend…

Cheers to Success

Jun 24


Have you ever tried forming a new habit? It is quite simple.. Do something consistently for 21 days and It becomes a Habit. Sounds Interesting.

Let me give a Million Dollar Secret ” The Key to Unearth the Billion Dollar Idea is Creative Thinking”.

A Fact of Life is that Many Intelligent People would always work for the Creative People.

Albert Einstein said ” Creativity is Intelligence having Fun” and “Creativity is the Highest form of Intelligence” . So it goes without saying that STRIVE TO BECOME A MAN OF CREATIVITY, INSTEAD OF A MAN OF INTELLIGENCE…..



In the Movie “Air Force One” . The Phrase “Get off my plane!” Just reading that sentence, you can hear Harrison Ford barking the famous catchphrase at Gary Oldman during a climactic sequence in “Air Force One.” It’s a familiar line, since we’ve all seen the classic 1997 thriller about a president (Ford) thwarting the Russian terrorist (Oldman) who’s hijacked the flying White House.

One of my favorite portions of the Movie is when the Terrorist had the President on the Floor and had a gun over him, all seemed lost or so it looked like, All of a sudden, A window of Opportunity opened up and the President(Harrison Ford) said those memorable words ” GET OFF MY PLANE” and he kicked the Terrorist out of the Plane into his death..

Then I got thinking, In life, we get beat down by circumstances, situations, problems and it may seem that all hope is lost, but the will and the courage to persevere despite the odds is only given to a Few. You need to find that inner drive to press on.

Speak to your situation, problem, challenges, circumstances, Tell them “GET OFF MY PLANE” and Watch them VAPORIZE before you.


Cheers to Success…..

Jun 19


Ok I admit, I love the Beautiful Game and I cannot help it, but speak about the World Cup taking place in Brazil, Yeah I know that I am breaking Protocol, but hey every once in a while, we need to push the ENVELOPE a little bit… LOL

As you all know, the World Cup is in its 2nd Week and so far, it has been full of Surprises, AHA Moments, Scintillating Soccer and all the Camaraderie that exists among Nations during World Cup Season.. Right Now the World has caught a FEVER and the Treatment Period is 30 Days..

The Bookmakers have been proved wrong, Defending Champions Spain are taking an Early Exit, Can you imagine? My verdict is that TIKI-TAKA is DEAD AND BURIED. Cameroon, Australia are bidding goodbye too..More Teams are sure to follow today.

Every Good team needs it’s Star Player, one who the other players on the team look up to and one who leads the team by example, Who will be the Star Player of this World Cup? Well let us wait and see..

I love the World Cup because we get the best to see the BEST OF THE BEST from all over the World coming to one place and giving us an Unforgettable one month.. Analysts have said that ” so far this has been an Attacking Tournament with the number of Goals scored so far, we are surely in for a feast of Goals….

I hope my Country makes it through to the Second Round, but I am not resting my hopes on it.. I would just sit back and enjoy Football at it’s Best…

Have a Wonderful Day and Cheers to Success.

Jun 09

The Next Move……….

It’s a new week, full of fresh hopes, aspirations, desires and expectations… how was your weekend? Mine was eventful, WOW….. A memorable one indeed, From the Natural to the Spiritual Aspect of my Life, It was Loaded…… Words fail me to express the way I feel…. It is a sublime feeling…..

I am an Avid player of the Beautiful Game of Chess, I love chess, because it requires critical thinking, strategy etc… Chess is all about making Moves on the board, one great move could crush your opponent and one false move could crush you… I heard Chess originated from Royalty…..used to be strictly A Game Of Kings…..

Many times, I have played this game and it reaches a crossroads, where you have about 10 moves to make, but you have to critically think and make the move that would be most beneficial…..

In the World, we live in today, One thing I have noticed is that People have not stopped thinking, they do not think things through… They are myopic in their approach to life, they fail to see the big picture… Life rules them, instead of them taking charge of Life…

They Live by Default, instead of by Design, how Pathetic…. No wonder the World is in the shape it is today……….It is in human beings to solve their problems by critically thinking things through, before moving forward…..

Have you ever thought, regardless of whatever discipline you are in, or whatever situation you are facing to ask the big Question “WHAT IS MY NEXT MOVE? as regards such and such……..

If we only take heed to see the global picture of things and think things through, we would have a better quality of Life and Decisions made would be sound and well-reasoned out, instead of Hap-hazard approach….

Did you Know that the Strangest Secret is that People Don’t Think?

Well, Got to go, I have a long day and a busy week ahead of me………

Remember have you thought about your Next Move?

Cheers to Success……….

Jun 06


Can you believe it, I am going back to School, it is tough and challenging and this is Business School.. I have to write a Qualifying Examination tomorrow and do some Interview later on… All because I want to attend Business School.. Oh my…. Got to get my brain firing again… have not written an Examination in quite a while……

I am a Student of Life and I love History….. Just thinking of today and the significance of what took place 70 years ago, June 6th 1944, When the World “Stood Still for some Hours” . The Fate of the World hung in the balance…..It is usually termed “THE LONGEST DAY”. Many more people call it D-DAY…….

For a brief historical background, The Normandy landings, codenamed Operation Neptune, were the landing operations on 6 June 1944 (termed D-Day) of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II. The largest seaborne invasion in history, the operation began the Allied invasion of German-occupied western Europe, led to the restoration of the French Republic, and contributed to an Allied victory in the war.

This day, which began in chaos and fire, would end in blood and tears, tears and pain, tears and joy at the end of 24 hours that changed the world and forever marked Normandy.”

By the end of D-Day, the Allies had established a foothold in France. Within 11 months Nazi Germany was defeated, as Soviet armies swept in from the east and captured Hitler’s stronghold in Berlin.

Ever since June 6, 1944, people have been asking what the “D” in “D-Day” means. Does it stand for “decision

Some of you might think that June 6, 1944, D-Day, was a small, insignificant act, There were certainly other pivotal moments, but in the sheer magnitude of accomplishments nothing compared to D-Day.

On the good side of things D-Day was a great success. Many people thought and still think that D-Day was the turning point in the war, the tie breaker in any game.

D-Day represented a turning point off a different sort though. This was the first time land conquered by the Nazis had been taken back by the allies. Even though it was only a narrow strip of beach it was hard-fought for and brutally sacrificed for.

Without the invasion of Normandy, allies could have lost the war. Some people say it was the greatest military achievement of the 20th century, the beginning of the end of Hitler.

Democracy only works in a spirit of compromise. May we remember that, too, as we honor and remember the men who preserved and restored light and liberty to the world seventy years ago on June 6, 1944.

Have a great Weekend..

Cheers to Success…

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